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Magento / RICS Import + Amazon & eBay Integration


I have some thoughts and questions about my Magento website, the RICS point of sale system and an integration with Amazon and eBay.

Currently, I have all of my inventory in Magento. However, my business has grown, and I need a POS system.  I'm thinking of using RICS.  How would we get that to RICS?  Is there some sort of export we could create that would send the inventory items there once a day as they get created?

Currently, the way I get the products in Magento is by listing them on Amazon by scanning the bar code on the box and entering a price and inventory amount.  Then, I have an extension that imports from Amazon to Magento.  It brings in all the data, pictures, descriptions, product reviews, upc, meta data, etc.

Everything on my website is imported in just a few hours and done by doing this import.  It saves a ton of time from someone having to build all the listings for the site.  Secondly, after it is imported, it is easy to push it to eBay because all the info is already done.   


Yes, I think you are right, and RICS would be the ones who would import the data into RICS for you.  Modern Retail could help you and RICS get the necessary information out of Magento if necessary.  Sorry, this would be an additional charge.

What extension are you using to connect Magento to Amazon?  I suspect it might be M2E.  If so, we use M2E for our customers, and it works great.  M2E does the integration between Magento and Amazon, eBay and Rakuten (circled in red below).  To understand how we account from orders on Amazon & eBay and pull them down to RICS, please read:

Your process sounds fine, but our integration between RICS and Magento will automate this for you (saving hours per day, I’m sure ).  Additionally, not only do we push the products from RICS to Magento (#1), but we also pull down all online orders from Magento, Amazon and eBay and shove them into RICS (#2).  I’m sure this will save you a tremendous amount of time as well.

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Finally, when you’re ready, you can buy the RICS integration here:

Let me know if you need anything else.  Thanks.