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CounterPoint Integration & Special Website Requirements


I use CounterPoint as my point of sale system in-store and have some special requirements for a website integration. I looked at NRO, but I don't think it will work for my business landscaping.  I sell a lot of products that need to be configured in a certain way and believe we need Magento.  My current website was custom developed for me a few years ago, but I don't think that's the right solution either. Instead, Magento seems like a good fit but was wondering if you had any thoughts.  I have some unique requirements around customers as I may add a B2B component to the website later.  Please send me any information you can provide.  Thank you.


I absolutely think you’re right in picking an e-commerce platform like Magento.  IMO platforms are the way to go because there are so many 3rd party extensions and agencies who works with these platforms.  Here’s a graph you might like, which you can find here:

You can get an overview and purchase our CounterPoint Integrator here:

If you need more information on how the CounterPoint integration works, please read:

If you are interested in how we run your project and what that looks like, please read:

You may also be interested in our on-going support and upgrades:

Given you are most likely going with Magento, you may also be interested in the following:

If you do ask us to merge your “in-store” customer data from CounterPoint with Magento, you’ll find this article interesting:

I think that’s about it. Please discuss this with your agency, and let me know if you’d like to get together this week.  Thanks.