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Quickbooks, Quickbooks POS & Magento


I am working with an online store, and they are looking to open a physical retail store.  They need a POS system to use to manage inventory, and they want it to work with Quickbooks and Magento.


Thank you for your interest in Modern Retail and our Magento Integrator.  If you’re using Magento and Quickbooks and need to get everything tied together, then you might consider Quickbooks Point of Sale.  The following article describes how the integration between Quickbooks, Quickbooks POS and Magento works:

If you like what you see, you can buy Quickbooks POS and then buy our Quickbooks POS Integrator to get it connected to Magento.  You can buy this integrator online from us here:

If you are interested in how we run your project and what that looks like, please read:

Finally, if you’re interested in our on-going support and upgrades, please read:

We have written a zillion articles about our integrations, Magento, marketing, etc. but I think you might be interested in the following:

Please let me know if you have any questions; I’d be happy to jump on a call with you.  Thanks!