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Resend Orders to POS vs Pull Orders


Pulling online orders and resending orders can sound similar, but they are two different processes with two different results. In this article, we'll go over those differences, as well as when and why you would need to perform them.

Pulling Orders

If an order does not make it down to the Admin Panel for some reason, you will want to pull the order. This pulls the order data from your platform (BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify) and sends it to the Middleware (Modern Retail's Admin Panel). To get a walkthrough on how to pull an order, please refer to this page on pulling orders.

Resending Orders

If an order, invoice, or shipment have made it to the Admin Panel, but have not gone to your POS for some reason, you will want to resend the individual order, invoice, or shipment that hasn't gone down. This function sends an order that did not go through the first time for a variety of reasons (out of stock, customer error) back to the POS system for processing and order fulfillment. For a detailed walkthrough on resending orders, please refer to this page on resending orders

restock vs pull.png

This graphic depicts the piece of the Modern Retail Integration that Pulling and Resending orders happens in. Online orders get pulled from the platform to Modern Retail's Admin Panel. Individual orders, invoices, or shipments get resent from the Admin Panel to the POS system. This flow usually happens automatically, but sometimes we have to intervene. 

 For any other questions, please reach out via a support request on the Admin Panel.