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SYSPRO Magento Integration


We are in the RFP (Request for Proposal) phase and would like some additional information about your integration services before moving forward.  We would like to integrate the following two systems together:

  • Magento Enterprise Versio
  • SYSPRO version 7.1 ERP & POS
    • Attached is a copy of the SYSPRO API.

Our questions:

  1. How often would your connector sync or is it live?
  2. Is this a cloud solution? If so, could we experience any delays with data syncing?
  3. What uptime do you guarantee?
  4. Please provide a detailed list of integration with EFP & POS with full functionality.
  5. Are there additional costs for support and updates?
  6. How does your installation work, what are your processes? Do you require remote access to Syspro and admin access to Magento back office?
  7. How long would development and integration take?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for your interest in Modern Retail and our integration technology.  We would love to help you with an integration between SysPro and Magento. To get started we would like to review the attached API documentation with SysPro.  Getting our developers with their developers for 30 minutes will help us get a better understanding of the integration and give you a fixed-fee proposal for this integration.

Regarding your questions, here’s my response and answers:

  1. The synchronization is configurable based on the client. We also have the ability to set the synchronization of various “jobs” at different rates.  For example we may send orders down to SysPro every 5 minutes but add new products to Magento every 30 minutes.  Please read the following articles for more information:
  2. As the above article explains you are connecting two disparate systems so yes there will always be a delay in synchronizing these systems.  Additionally, because you’re using Magento you probably want the updates to happen in “batches”.  Updating every second would not be an efficient use of your Magento resources and may even cause more problems.
  3. We strive to provide 99.99% availability for our clients.  However, to really understand how integration works please read the following articles about outages and how our integration technology automatically recovers.
  4. The following link are all the POS and ERP systems we have integrations with today (we’re working on 2 more now which are not on the list):
  5. Please read the following article about support and updates:
  6. The following article discusses our onboarding process.  Yes, we will need access to Magento to install our Integrator (you can also install it but most people ask us to install it for them).
  7. We can determine the project duration after our meeting with SysPro.

Please let me know if you need anything else. Thank you.