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BioTrackTHC Website Integration + In-Store Pickup


I wanted to reach out to determine whether or not Modern Retail is dabbling in cannabis yet. We have several clients in Denver, CO that would like to integrate their POS/ERP (BioTrackTHC) into their eCommerce platform to showcase inventory levels per location for all products.

While current legislation does not allow our clients to sell cannabis products online, it extends the inherent Magento functionality to allow a user to create a "reservation" to pick the order up in-store after placing online. Over the next several years (2017-2018 time frame), Colorado will be modifying the legislation to allow for full eCommerce capabilities of cannabis products, so the solution would need to allow for a seamless transition when these laws are passed.

I have at least 3 clients who are ready to spring on implementing this functionality, but we do not have the capability in-house to develop the solution. Over the last few months, Modern Retail has been blipping on our radar as client requests for ERP integrations have come up.

I'd like to speak more in depth about the potential to link BioTrack with either Magento or WooCommerce and begin offering this as an integration option for our cannabis clients.


Thank you for your interest in Modern Retail.  We would love to help you with the integration with BioTrackTHC.  As I’m sure you noticed from our website, we can integrate BioTrackTHC with the following e-commerce platforms today:  Bigcommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

May I make a suggestion?  Could you please ask your client to e-mail their representative at BioTrackTHC and let them know they’re interested in getting BioTrackTHC integrated with their website?  If you copy me on the message, I’ll immediately reply asking to set up a meeting with BioTrackTHC.  Getting our developers to talk with their developers, even for 30 minutes, makes a huge difference and can really help to “jump start” the integration efforts.

Regarding your comments about "Location-Based Inventory," this is something we can only do on Magento today.  Please read:

WooCommerce, you're right, would be the next logical choice for location-based inventory, but I suspect it would take longer and be more work.

Regarding the integration with BioTrackTHC, we have a few different methods we could use which are described here:

Which method we use all depends on BioTrackTHC’s capabilities, and it's something we’ll figure out with them when we get together.

You’ll find we’re experts at POS and ERP integrations; it’s something we've been doing for over a decade and have amassed a great deal of knowledge and technology doing 1,300+ integrations.  Here are just some of the articles that I can share with you that make us different.

Please let me know if you need anything else or would like to jump on a call before getting with BioTrackTHC.  Thank you.