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Location-Based Inventory (In-Store Pickup)


We would like to utilize omni-channel functionality so that customers could buy (or at least check store stock availability) online and pick up in the store. Does your architecture allow for this in any way?


We have a lot of customers who provide "in-store pickup" for their customers.  However, most POS systems do not give us inventory per store, so we don’t know for certain if the store that's closest to the consumer actually has the inventory.  If your intention is to show stock availability (inventory quantities), then that’s something the integration does now, but in total, across all locations. If your POS or ERP system can provide us location-based inventory, then this is something we can do for you but only on Magento.

NOTE:  Many of the POS vendors we deal with have a concept of a "webstore." This webstore is just like any other brick and mortar location in the POS system and can have it's own set of business rules.  For example, people often want to price things differently online than in their stores.  Well, this is completely possible within the POS provider's website.  Additionally, retailers often want to "pull" inventory for certain stores to be sold online.  Again, this happens all the time, and the POS provider can set these rules up for you within your webstore.

I hope that helps.  Please submit a Support Request if you need anything else.  Thank you.