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Integration Approaches


Modern Retail has been in business since 1998 and has been integrating with POS and ERP systems since 2005.  During this time, we have come across many kinds of systems as well as different types of integrations. We support a variety of e-commerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce and Magento) that can be integrated with your POS or ERP system.


Integration Approaches

Modern Retail integrates these systems using one of the following:

  1. API
  2. FTP
  3. Other


There are really two options when it comes to doing an integration using an application programming interface (API).  We could either use:

  1. POS or ERP's API 
  2. Modern Retail's API

POS or ERP System's API

Over the last few years, cloud-based POS and ERP systems have become very popular. What's nice about many of these cloud systems is they come "pre-packaged" with an application programming interface (API).  An API allows 3rd party systems, like Modern Retail, to communicate with it to pass data back and forth.  If a POS or ERP system has an API, Modern Retail can get it "talking" to your website using our Integration Middleware.

Modern Retail's API

Modern Retail is also happy to work with POS and ERP vendors to see if they can use our API.  This approach has worked well for many vendors because it quickly allows them to offer integrations with Bigcommerce, Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce by simply using our API.  This approach allows many POS and ERP vendors to develop a solution quicker because our API is already done and ready to use!

The following article provide additional information about Modern Retail's Integration API:

If a POS or ERP company already has an API, then that's most likely the best route to take and will be the cost-effective option for you.


Don't fret if your POS or ERP company does not have an API, because in most cases, Modern Retail can still get it integrated with your website.  The most common method here is to pass data back and forth using what's called FTP. 

The basic idea here is the POS or ERP system sends us your product and inventory information over FTP.  Modern Retail will take this file, using a CSV or XML format, and parse the data into individual fields so your website can be updated.  Similarly, Modern Retail will create a file of your online orders that your POS or ERP system can use to insert them into your system.  Oftentimes, this can be completely automated and working in the background as these two systems exchange data back and forth 24 hours a day.

For more information about Modern Retail's Inventory CSV/XML Uploader read:

In some cases, this integration cannot be automated, therefore must be done manually.  However, many stores still see huge value in keeping their inventory synchronized with the POS or ERP, because arguably, this is 90% of the work when managing a website.  Please read One-Way Integration, Inventory Report Upload if your POS or ERP system is unable to use FTP.


Sometimes the only way to do an integration with a POS or ERP system is by talking with the vendor.  Modern Retail is happy to talk to your POS or ERP vendor to understand what type of integration would work better for their particular system.  We have a lot of other methods and approaches to integrating two disparate systems, and sometimes all it takes is a conversation to figure it out. 

Please don't hesitate to Contact Us if you need any help in getting your POS or ERP system integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce or Magento.  Thank you.