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Retail Pro Overwriting Magento Data


Hi, We are using Retail Pro as our POS and Magento for our webstore. Currently we are having trouble with upc and GTIN numbers coming over to Magento automatically. Last season, GTIN numbers had to be entered into hundreds of product manually. We would like to avoid this problem this season.


Thank you for your interest in our Retail Pro Integrator.  Our integration between Retail Pro and Magento works a little differently.  When products initially get added to Magento it populates a bunch of fields (Name, Price, SKU, etc.).  However, on subsequent updates it typically ONLY updates two key fields:  Price & Quantity on Hand (QOH).  That’s it.

We will not touch any other data elements in Retail Pro.  You can change all the fields you want in Magento, expect for Price and QOH, and rest assured they will never be overwritten by our integration.

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