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Quickbooks POS & Changing Systems + Website Integration


I'm currently using Quickbooks POS but would like to eventually move to a different point of sale system.  I'm not quite sure which one, but I'm thinking either Revel or Lightspeed (the "cloud" version of Lightspeed).  Do you support a Revel to Shopify or a Lightspeed to Shopify integration?  If so, how much does it cost?

We are a very small business with only 2 stores, with a Shopify website, of course.  Thank you.


I think we can help you out; we have integrations with both Revel and Lightspeed.

You can read more and purchase our Revel integration here:

You can do the same for Lightspeed "Cloud" here:

We also have an integration with Quickbooks POS:

We could actually get you integrated now with Quickbooks POS and then help you migrate over to Revel or Lightspeed if that’s your plan.  The following article talks about switching POS systems when the system is integrated with your website:

It doesn't sound like the products currently in Shopify are integrated with your Quickbooks POS system, so you'll want to read this article:

You might be in information overload, but here is another article you might find interesting:

Finally, if you’re interested in our on-going support and upgrades, please read:

Please let me know if you need anything else.  Thank you.