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Magento POS Integration Overview


Hello, I would like to get more info please about your Magento – POS integration services.  Thank you.


Thank you for your interest in Modern Retail and our Magento Integrator.  We’ve been doing POS and ERP integrations for 10 years and have been integrating with Magento for over 6, so needless to say we have amassed a great deal of knowledge.  Here’s some information you may find interesting.

We can get Magento integrated with over 2 dozen POS and ERP systems today.  You can find a complete listing of these integrations here: 

Our Magento Integrator is really nice, and one of the things we worked extremely hard on in the early years was the speed of the integration with Magento.  Please read the following article:

However, the integration with Magento is much more than just speed, and we have some features that are completely unique to our integration:

We’ve done over 1,300 integrations now, so our process and knowledge is pretty advanced. You might find the following articles interesting:

That should get you started.  Please let me know if you have any questions about our integration with Magento and how we get it connected to POS or ERP systems.  Thank you.