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Can't Find items in staging - RICS


We have these SKU's that need to be uploaded today! We need them up immediately.


I checked these SKU's and could not find them in Store Manager. This usually means that they have not been sent from RICS.

First, please check that the correct supplier code has been assigned for the product:

RICS Supplier Code

Second, please check that the product is still assigned to the webstore. If not, it will not be included in any updates sent to us.

The way the integration works is that when you make changes to your POS, a file should be sent by RICS with the updated information. When we receive that information, new items are placed in your NEW POS staging area in Store Manager and price and inventory are updated.  So in this case, if you believe that you have set them up correctly in your POS and do not see them in New POS, your first call should be to RICS to confirm that you have correctly assigned the products and to ask why the updates are not being included in the integration file.

One side note, if you cannot find an older product in Store Manager:

Missing Product / Can't Find an SKU!