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RunIt WooCommerce Integration Process & Key Field


I'm interested in your integration between RunIt and WooCommerce but have a couple of questions.  Could you please explain how the integration works?  Could you also explain how RunIt products get connected to the products in WooCommerce? Thank you.



The following articles does a pretty good job of explaining the integration with RunIt:

You may also find the following article interesting regarding ongoing support and upgrades:

Regarding your question about linking of products, this is something the integration does for you automatically and uses something called the RunIt barcode.  This barcode is added to WooCommerce in the SKU field and is the KEY connecting the product in WooCommerce to the product in RunIt, so it cannot be touched.

If you've already added products to WooCommerce and would like to get these products integrated with RunIt, then you will need to enter this RunIt barcode in for every product.  Most people find this to be too much work and instead will opt to "integrate" all new products with our integrator.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thank you.