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Open Graph, Microdata & RDFa


I've been reading up on microdata and was wondering if there's some way I could incorporate this into my website. Possibly using a Wordpress plugin or can I directly insert it in the code if I have access. I am looking for ways to improve SEO. Any help would be appreciated.


This is all pretty complicated but let me attempt to explain it.

The Microdata specification has been replaced by a specification called RDFa.  To make thing even more confusing, Modern Retail implements something called the Open Graph (OG) protocol, which is based on RDFa.  This OG protocol will give you the Metadata results you desire.

You can see this Open Graph data in your website by looking at the source on any Product Page.

If you scroll in code from your page you should see lines that start with meta property="og: ... ".

These lines are part of the Open Graph protocol, which helps your products look good on social media sites.  One of the most common requested social media features is Pinterest's Rich Pins.

Please let us know if you have any questions about Open Graph or how to take advantage of social media features such as Rich Pins.