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Easy E-Mail Setup


Setting up your e-mail on your computer or mobile device has gotten so easy that most people can do it themselves.  The following instructions should help you configure your e-mail in most software and devices.

Automatic Configuration

Modern Retail has enabled something called AutodiscoverAutodiscover automatically configures your e-mail on most computers and devices by simply entering in the following:

  • E-Mail Address
  • Password

That's it!

Rackspace Setup Wizard

If the above fails for some reason and you need some additional instruction, then Rackspace Setup Wizard is here to help:

Enter your e-mail address and password into the above wizard, and Rackspace will provide documentation that's tailored to your e-mail account and the device you are trying to configure.


Modern Retail strongly suggests you configure all e-mail accounts using the IMAP protocol.  IMAP allows you to synchronize your messages between devices and will store a copy on the server so they won't get lost if your computer or device crashes.

Mobile Sync for Webmail

If you love Webmail and don't use a PC program like Outlook or MacMail to read your e-mail, then you might want to consider Mobile Sync for Webmail.  This feature automatically synchronizes e-mail, contact and calendar information with your mobile, tablet or device.

If you like your PC e-mail programs like Outlook, don't fret, because we can also set you up with a Microsoft Exchange account which lets you synchronize e-mail, contacts and calendar appointments between Outlook and all your mobile devices!

Additional E-Mail Setup Instructions

Still need some additional instructions?  The following provides additional help: