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Mobile Sync for Rackspace Webmail


Mobile Sync was rolled out by Rackspace in 2012, allowing synchronization of Webmail's email, contacts and calendar and mobile devices such as iPhones and Androids.  This service costs $1 per month per mailbox.


Mobile Sync is for Rackspace Webmail only.  If you use Microsoft Outlook, then this is not the service for you.  Instead, you'll want a Microsoft Exchange account to synchronize email, contacts and calendar items between Outlook and your mobile devices.

Mobile Sync

This new feature syncs the email, contacts and calendar from Webmail with your mobile device such as your iPhone or Android device.  This is a great addition because not only does it synchronize the email, contacts and your calendar between your handheld device and the web, but it also provides a backup if you ever lose your phone.  Never again will you have to re-enter your contacts or calendar if you lose your phone or replace your device.



Please submit a Support Request if you are interested in Mobile Sync for Webmail.  Also let us know which email addresses should be enabled and we'll promptly get it configured for you!


Getting Mobile Sync configured on your mobile phone or device is relatively easy.  Follow these instructions for the device you are using:

  1. iPhone & iPad
  2. Android
  3. Windows Phone 7 & 8

That should be all you need to get your phone or tablet synchronized with your Webmail email, contacts and calendar.