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Moving NRO Website


I see you offer an integration between Counterpoint and Magento.  My question is will your Counterpoint Integrator work with NCR Retail Online (NRO)?  Can I purchase your connector and continue using the version of Magento I have now?


The version of Magento you are running today has been modified by NCR for NRO.  We’ve found many NCR Retail Online websites that are not up to date with security patches and therefore DO NOT PASS A VULNERABILITY SCAN.  This of course is very bad as your website is susceptible to an attack. You can test your website yourself for vulnerabilities by following the instructions in this article:

Additionally, Magento on May 31, 2017 released another major security patch that must be applied to your Magento website.  Please read:

Finally, Magento 1.x is going to be retired on November 18, 2018 which means you'll need to switch to another ecommerce platform anyhow next year!

Given the security problems we’ve seen with NRO customer’s websites, we would prefer not to sell our Counterpoint Integrator to people simply moving their NRO website.  In addition to needing to perform these upgrades and patches, you would need to find a new Magento hosting provider and make several other changes to get your NRO site working. This is quite a bit of work and money you'll need to pay. 

Modern Retail cannot in good conscience recommend you move your NRO website to another Magento hosting provider when there are an amazing solutions like Shopify and Bigcommerce that are super-easy to use and position you for the future.  Yeah, I know we're throwing away $$$ but we believe it’s the right decision.

In our opinion you are far better off switching ecommerce platforms now! 

If you love Magento that's great then move your website to Magento 2.  If don't have the budget or would like to build the website yourself, then move to Shopify or Bigcommerce.  If love to blog then maybe WooCommerce is the answer.  We just don't want to see you stick with an outdated ecommerce platform that's going to cause you heartache.

For additional information on the recent trends with ecommerce platforms please read:

We're here to help you regardless of the decision you make, even if you decide not to use Modern Retail.  Please contact us and we'll set up a time to talk with you.  Thank you.