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Email Template Variables


Our Email Templates use something called "variables"; these are basically pieces of code that will substitute certain phrases with information you can determine, like a store location, phone number, or header image. This article will cover what variables are, how you can use them, and what some of the most useful/most common variables are.

How do they work?

Variables work by checking for certain phrases, generally marked by brackets, and then replacing those phrases with something else based on what the phrase was. Let's look at a few examples:template_example.png

As you can see, a bunch of variables are used in this template. Here's a list of each one, and what they represent:

{{HEADER}}: This gets replaced by whatever you want your email header to be! Most clients use an image.

{{Location_telephone}}: This gets replaced by the phone number for the relevant location.

{{location_working_hours}}: This gets replaced by the working hours for the relevant location.

#{{REAL_NUMBER}}: This displays the order number.

{{ADDRESS}}: This displays the customer's shipping address.

{{TOTALS}}: This displays the total price for the order.

{{ITEMS}}: This displays the items in the order.

All of this is done automatically when the email is sent out, guaranteeing that every email sent out has the correct information.

Using Variables

You can use variables while editing email templates. Look here to read more about that process. You can also look here for a longer list of variables, and what they do. Simple copy+paste, or type, the variable name surrounded by brackets into the email template where you want to the variable to be. 

If you have further questions about template variables, please feel free to submit a support request.