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Email Templates


When your store is set up in our system, we automatically add a series of email templates for your use. These templates can be found and managed in the Email Templates page under settings in the Admin Panel. This article will look at these templates and explain how you can interact with them.


These six templates are automatically created for your store during the integration process.


The first two are both for the Gift Card system (these will be here regardless of whether or not you use gift cards), while Order Comment is for making comments on orders. The header and footer templates are, as one might expect, for adding headers or footers to your outgoing emails.

Clicking on the Name of any of these will show more information about that template, and allow you to edit that template.edit_template.png

Here you can alter the name of the template as well as the Subject, and tweak the text however you like. The phrases in all caps and surrounded by brackets ({{COMMENT}}, for example) are for variables; when the customer receives this email "{{COMMENT}}" will be replaced with your comment on their order. Avoid editing these to make sure they function correctly. Otherwise, feel free to edit the text to suit your business; just remember to hit Save when you're done.

Gift Cards

Many of our additional integration features, like Gift Cards, utilize email templates. For these templates in particular we recommend avoiding the deletion of any variables, especially [[GIFTCARDNUMBER}} and {{PIN}} to make sure that the email sent when a customer purchases a gift card has the information necessary for the redemption of that card.

If you have any further questions about Email Templates, or about adding new, custom templates to your system, don't hesitate to send a support request.