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Shipping Rules: Delivery Options


Depending on how you ship your products, you may have to interact with shipping rules. Rules are used to determine things like shipping prices, shipping providers, and shipping options based on what product is being shipped, where the customer wants their order shipped to, or what store the product is being shipped from. This article will cover what rules you can create in the Delivery Options page in the Admin panel.

Please note that depending on which features you've purchased for your integration, (Local Delivery, In-Store Pickup, Ship from Store, etc.) you may not have all of the options you see in the article below. 

Finding Shipping Rules

You can find the majority of the rules surrounding shipping under the Shipping menu in the Admin Panel. Depending on your integration, you'll see something like the following:


Shipping rules governing Local Delivery are under the Local Delivery menu, and are discussed here

Delivery Options

Clicking on Delivery Options in the Shipping menu will bring you to something like this page:


Here you can see a list of existing rules that pertain to delivery options. From here, you can either create new rules by clicking on the Add New Rule button on the bottom, or you can click on the Edit button on the right side of a rule to change an existing rule. Either way, you'll have to hit the Apply Rules button at the bottom once you're done for things to go into effect. Whether you're adding a new rule or editing an existing one, you'll see a screen like this:


The textbox labelled Enter values by type is where you'll enter any products you want the rule you're making to apply to. By default you should enter the SKUs for the relevant products (separated by commas), but if you click on the dropdown to the left of the textbox, you can choose to enter product TAGs instead. Additionally, if you want this rule to apply to everything in your catalog, you can type just an "*" instead.

Once you're satisfied with the products you want this rule to apply to, click on the checkbox next to the delivery method, or methods, you want to have as options for those products. Then hit Save to save the rule, and Apply Rules back on the delivery options page to make sure the new rule is in effect.

So, let's talk about an example. Let's say you sell clothes, but currently you're only ready to sell masks, binders, and socks via In-Store Pickup. You would enter the SKUs (or TAGs) for those products, click on the In-Store Pickup checkbox, hit Save, and then Apply Rules, and voila! Now those masks, binders, and socks would have in-store pickup as a shipping option on your site.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to submit a support request.