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Retail Pro Magento 2 Integration


I’m currently working with a prospect who needs an integration between Retail Pro and Magento 2, and I want to ensure them there is a seamless integration between Magento 2.0 and your Retail Pro integrator. Would it be possible to get some more information from you or someone on your team that explains if the Retail Pro integrator is  truly a seamless integration. I gather he is mainly concerned with the amount of manual work that could be involved if they choose this integrator. Is it done via API or FTP? Any information you have would be great so I can pass on to our prospect.

Thank you in advance for the help. Please let me know if there’s any way I can provide assistance to you or your team.


We would love to help you and your prospect with their Retail Pro / Magento 2 integration.  I suspect they are using either Retail Pro v8 or v9, which are both integrated with Magento 2.  Regarding your comment about being a “truly seamless integration,” it is a wonderful integration, but this statement gives me the sense your client thinks everything can be done within Retail Pro, and that’s not the case.  Yes, they will specify the products to push from Retail Pro, and Retail Pro controls the inventory and pricing, but everything else will be done in Magento.  For example, we’ll automatically create the Simple and Configurable Products for them in Magento, but once they get added, they can change the product name, modify the description, upload images, assign additional attributes, etc.  All of this “merchandising” is done directly in Magento.  Additionally, shipping will also be done in Magento or a third party application like ShipStation, ShipWorks or ShipperHQ.  See diagram below.

Regarding your question about how the integration is done, we’ve written software that connects Retail Pro to our Integration Middleware.  We then connect our middleware to Magento 2 using ONE extension we’ve written (yes, our two dozen POS & ERP systems all communicate with Magento 2 using just one extension).  Here are some additional articles about our technology and how we’re different:

Let me know if you need anything else, I would love to help you win this deal.  Thanks.