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WooCommerce Amazon, eBay & Integration Questions


I want to purchase this, but before proceeding, I want you guys to confirm to me with a proper reply of my query:

  1. What is the Installation Fee (One time); how do you guys install this?
  2. Is there any lifetime fee available instead of $75/per month? I don't want to pay every month.
  3. After integration, I have to upload product on the WooCommerce platform, and that product will be shown on my website and amazon, ebay store? Am I right ??
  4. Inventory management should be from all stores (Amazon, Ebay, and Woocommerce website)?

Please revert to me ASAP so that I can move to the next step, and also tell me the payment process or method.  Thanks.


Thank you for your interest in Modern Retail, but I don’t think our WooCommerce Integrator will fit your needs.  However, here are the answers to your questions:

  1. The installation fee is dependent on the POS or ERP system.  You can find the systems we support along with the pricing here: 
  2. I’m sorry, every one of our integrations has a monthly fee.  Please read:
  3. Our integration grabs the products from your POS or ERP system and adds them to WooCommerce for you.  Please read:
  4. With our integration, all inventory is managed in your POS or ERP system.  Yes, it automatically adds products to WooCommerce and will update the inventory and pricing, but the products originate in your POS or ERP system.  An integration with Amazon or eBay is not something we do but is instead done using a WooCommerce plugin.

I wish you the best of luck!