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Setup & Monthly Fee


I'm very interested in your POS integration, but I was wondering if there's a way to avoid your setup fee?  I'd be happy to do the installation myself if it would mean I didn't have to pay this fee.  Also, could you please explain your monthly fee.


Setup Fee

I'm sorry but the setup fee is mandatory for a few reasons:

  • Depending on your POS or ERP system, we may need to contact the vendor to get this integration going for you.  We have partnerships with many of our POS/ERP vendors and have a process established to get this integration done for you.  These vendors has some expectations and requirements on their side for a successful integration.  Additionally, because of our partnership, they prefer that Modern Retail is the single point of contact for the integration.
  • Both our Magento and WooCommerce integrations require an extension to be installed.  While you can install this extension yourself, it is generally faster and easier if we do it for you.
  • Depending on your POS or ERP system, Modern Retail may need to install our Integrator on your computer.  Again, while you can install it yourself, most clients prefer Modern Retail to do it for them.
  • Some of our integrations require some special data mapping depending upon the quality of data coming out of the POS or ERP system.  For example, instead of creating 20 different versions of the color "red" in Magento as Attributes, Modern Retail can map all these different color combinations to "red."  This cuts down on the number of Attributes in Magento from 20 to 1 and makes a "shop by color" feature on your website possible, not to mention helps with marketplaces such as Google Shopping and Amazon.

These are just a few of the reasons why Modern Retail must be involved in your integration.  For more information regarding how we run your integration project, please read:

Monthly Fee

Modern Retail's integrations aren't "software" in the traditional sense.  You don't install it and are done with it.  Instead, we offer a "service" that connects your POS or ERP system with various ecommerce platforms.  Making all this happen is our Integrator.  This Integrator includes various servers, databases, technologies and of course code to make this connection happen and is involved in every transaction.  We've been integrating with POS and ERP systems since 2005 and our integrations have gotten quite sophisticated and we're able to do things others can't, such as:

Additionally let's not forget the ongoing support and upgrades are also part of our service. 

Finally, our services simply make your life easier.  Yes, we're here when you need support but what if you need to move to a new POS or ERP system or change your ecommerce platform.  We can help here as well by either getting your data "reconnected" to your new POS or ERP system, or get your data moved over to a new ecommerce platform.