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Magento Partner to Replace NRO


We are looking for a new partner for our site. It is a Magento site using CounterPoint's NRO. We are currently hosting through NCR. We are wondering how much integration would be, if you could host our Magento website and what additional services might cost because we need something better than what we're getting now from CounterPoint. For instance, right now our average site load speed is around 4.5 seconds, something that really needs to be fixed, but NCR cannot help us. Thank you for your time.


Thank you for your interest in Modern Retail.  We would love to help you with your Magento website and the integration with CounterPoint.   It is hard to evaluate your website without actually digging into it and figuring out how to make it faster.  However, one thing I noticed is you’re not using something called Varnish, which is a caching technology usually used with Magento to make your website faster.  You can read more about Varnish, and the testing of Varnish, here:

However, I’m worried you have bigger problems than just your website speed.  I ran a test to see what vulnerabilities you had on your website and have included the results below.  You can run this test yourself by following these instructions:


This is not a conclusive test but can be a good gauge to see how well your website is patched.

Finally, regarding your question about hosting; we do host and manage our client’s Magento websites.  However, it is typically done as part of bigger project that includes website design, marketing, support, etc. I would need to talk to you to understand your requirements and really dig into your website to understand what needs to be fixed.  We would also want to look at your website traffic to make sure we were sizing the server correctly for the traffic coming to your website.

You can also buy "just" the CounterPoint/Magento Integrator from us here:

Let me know if you’re interested, and we’ll jump on a call together.  Thank you.