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Just Software Dave Integration


Attached is a document I received from Just Software regarding an integration with Dave.  I believe it will give you a better idea about what the integration will take. The monthly fee is no issue (just explain what this amount stands for). For the Setup cost, I will need a more precise quote because I have to get the budget cleared by finance. Should it still be difficult for you to stick a concrete number on the setup cost after reading the attached documentation, I will schedule a meeting between yourself and Just Software. Just note, it is a small company, and the schedule of the programmer is fully booked, so it is never easy to book a meeting even for 30 minutes.


The on-going monthly fee is mostly for support and upgrades as explained here:

However, that’s really only part of the story because it also pays for the server, bandwidth, etc. charges to keep the integration going.  You see, our technology actually sits in the "middle" between Dave and WooCommerce; it’s called "Middleware."  This Middleware is the glue that connects everything together and makes things like these features possible:

It is also for us to have just one integration with WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Shopify and Magento, which is good for you because it means we’re NOT only writing a specific integration between Dave and WooCommerce.  This would be extremely expensive and very costly to support and maintain.  Get it?  It really is the “right way” to do these integrations.

Regarding the document, it would still be immensely helpful to get on the phone with someone from Just Software.  We've done enough of these integration now that it takes a real phone call between developers to figure everything out.

Please let me know if you can get this meeting going for us.  Thank you.