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NCR Retail Online (NRO) Questions


I have some questions about NCR Retail Online (NRO), and I'm hoping you can help me.

  1. I understand that you cannot provide a personal opinion about NRO's capabilities.
    • Can you provide secondhand opinions? Perhaps you have heard testimonials from clients.
    • Can you say anything else about NRO's modified version of Magento? I would assume it is less superior than Magento itself. Is it intuitive, customizable, simple?
    • Would it make any sense to use your services to integrate with Magento, even though NRO already has a modified Magento version?
  2. I didn't know that NCR would be managing the website and not me. I thought it was simply an option to have them manage it. They have "implementation tracks." I assumed you could just opt out of the implementation pack and do it yourself. Am I wrong?
  3. Can you provide any client testimonials or client contact info from clients who have used Modern Retail to Integrate Counterpoint and Shopify? I trust that you guys do great work, but I'd love to hear some success stories as well. Basically, if I am going to suggest that my client pay extra in order to go away from NRO's website engine and use Shopify (or another e-commerce party, please let me know if you have a preference), I better be darn sure that my proposed route works like a charm. Any way that you can help me to that end would help me to feel confident in choosing your services.
  4. In the CounterPoint Integration Article, it states: "Modern Retail's CounterPoint Integrator gets installed on your host computer.  This Integrator connects CounterPoint to Modern Retail's integration services." What is a host computer? It may help to give you some context; my client is a furniture retail operation with 3 locations.
  5. Can you provide any knowledge on if NRO would manage image draping software, such as Liquid Pixels, if they managed the website?

I may schedule a call in the future per your offer. E-mail is best for me now as I navigate this new landscape and find myself needing to think before I talk/type.


  1. I’m sorry, I cannot give you our opinions on NRO.  Not only do we not have first-hand experience with the product, we’re just not that kind of company.  Please do some research online, request a demo from NRO and see what you think.  However, you may want to ask yourself and your client a different question; is Magento right for me?  The world has changed drastically over the last few years, and Magento may not be the best solution for your customer.  If they’re doing straight-up B2C e-commerce and don’t have any unique functional requirements that would dictate they must use Magento, then you’re probably better off using a hosted solution like Bigcommerce or Shopify.  This is coming from someone who’s done nearly 100 Magento websites – the tide is changing to hosted e-commerce platforms, especially for B2C websites.
  2. Please contact NCR. I don’t want to profess being an expert on NRO.
  3. I’m sorry, we don’t give out references anymore.  We did a few years ago, but we can get dozens of requests per day, so we simply can’t – our clients would need to be on our payroll working for us 24 hours per day.  Admittedly, we need to provide testimonials and/or reviews on our website.  For now, please do a little homework, look at our competitors and how they approach the market, and compare service offerings.  I believe you’ll find we come up on top.  Here are a few more articles to aid in your research:
  4. The computer or server running CounterPoint is at your customer’s location.
  5. I’m sorry I can’t. Please speak to NCR.

I would be happy to meet with you and go over this with you in detail.  Thank you.