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In-Store discount applicable to website


We have come to the realization that our local customers want to use our website more, but their Frequent Buyer incentive in-store is keeping them from making online purchases. If we wanted to have our Frequent Buyers become Preferred Customers (online) and grant preferred customers a 10% off status, what would the best way be to do this? 


The first step is to get them to make a purchase online so that they are entered into the system as online shoppers. To get them to do this, I would suggest you send your list of in-store Frequent Buyers an e-mail that includes an online coupon code that they can use on their first online purchase. (You can create the coupon so it can only be used once by each e-mail address). Then, when you receive the order and see the coupon, you can go into their shopper profile and designate them as preferred customers so that they will automatically get a discount every time they shop.

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