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Quickbooks WooCommerce Integration Functional Requirements


I work for a user-centered design firm based in Portland, OR, and we have a client that is asking us to document the complete functional requirements for the front and back-end build of their site using WooCommerce with QuickBooks. I came across your company while doing an internet search for WooCommerce/QuickBooks specialists. We are not looking to hire you to do the build, but to inquire if you would be interested in consulting with us on the integration steps. Is this something you could do, and if so, what would your consulting fee be?

Thank you for your time, Kirsten



I’m sorry, we’re not interested in consulting on the integration steps, but here’s a bunch of information that you might find helpful.

The obvious thing I need to get out of the way is that this integration is already done!  You can simply purchase it on our website here:

Buy it, and you're done!

Assuming you still want to create the functional spec for this client, you may want to read the following articles to understand our approach.

Good luck! I hope that helps!