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I've been looking for an API that works with Counterpoint, and I believe you might be the answer to my dreams (honestly my nightmare).  I've been looking for a way to integrate CounterPoint with a mobile app I'm creating for an NFL football team and have come up empty time and time again.  As I'm sure you know, Counterpoint does not have an API into their point of sale system which is making it very difficult to get this mobile app written for them.  I need to be able to call a service and get product updates from Counterpoint.  I also need to call a service to send the orders I'm getting from my app to Counterpoint.  I've read what you've done with the Counterpoint Integration and how it integrates with Bigcommerce, Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify.  However, I also read a bunch of your online documentation and believe I have an understanding how this was written. Sounds like you have an Integration API I could use for the mobile app I'm creating.

Please tell me this is true because I desperately need someone like you who's written an API for Counterpoint.  Thank you.


Yes, it is true, we have an application programming interface (API) that you could use to talk to Counterpoint!

The API you reference above can be used to talk to Counterpoint directly from your mobile application.  You can call the API to get product updates. You can also call it to send order and customer information from your mobile app to Counterpoint.  This is all built into our API and ready for your use.

However, our API, or more accurately our Middleware, has a bunch of other features you may find interesting.  Please read:

The above features really help to make sure the inventory between Counterpoint and website, or in this case your app, stay in-sync as much as possible.  However, as I'm sure you realize, these are two completely disparate systems, so there is a potential for overselling.  You might find the following articles interesting:

However, we do have the ability in our Middleware to create "rules" if necessary.  For example, given you may have a massive amount of orders, we could automatically, say, lower the inventory of every product we're getting from Counterpoint by 10.  They can also be more sophisticated than this, but that's the general idea.

Please contact us if you need to learn more about our Counterpoint Integration; frankly, it sounds like it is exactly the Counterpoint API you need.  Thanks.