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Amazon Magento Integration


Do you guys have any customers successfully using Wyomind Data Feed Manager to submit products to Amazon from Magento? I am finding the extension to be a bit "clunky" and inflexible to achieve this. If you don't have any customers using this, can you make a suggestion on alternate ways to achieve this?



When using Magento, we never use Wyomind Data Feed Manager for an Amazon integration. This is mainly because Wyomind will not import the orders from Amazon, which is an important feature for most of our clients because of the integration with their POS system. Instead, we use a product called M2E. Please read:

As you can see, M2E integrates with Amazon, eBay & Rakuten - sending products to these marketplaces and importing orders. Once these orders get imported into Magento, they will be sent down to your POS system like any other order.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thank you.