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Infusion Retailer Integration


I do not see the retail software my system is wanting to integrate with. It is called Infusion Retail from a company called Infusion Software. Will you be able to integrate with this software?



We would love to help you with your integration with Infusion Retail.  The following article describes your options around this integration:

I took a look at the Infusion Software website but could not find any information about an application programming interface (API); however, they did have some information about their import/export capabilities.   If they are able to export an “inventory report” to our FTP/SFTP and import an “orders report” from the same FTP/SFTP site, then getting this integration done for you won’t be so bad.  We have a variety of other methods that we’ve used over the years which we could also try.

May I make a suggestion?  Could you please e-mail your representative at Infusion and let them know you’re interested in getting Infusion integrated with your website?  If you copy me on the message, I’ll immediately reply asking to set up a meeting with Infusion.  Getting our developers to talk with their developers, even for 30 minutes, makes a huge difference and can really help to “jump start” the integration efforts.

Please let me know if you need anything else or would like to jump on a call before getting with Infusion.  Thank you.