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RLM Magento Integration


I found the following article about your integration with RLM:

How hard would it be to integrate RLM with our Magento website?  I love RLM but work with my own website agency and prefer to use Magento.  The above articles reference a bunch of APIs, and I'm wondering if you can use this documentation to get RLM integrated with Magento.  Please let me know ASAP.  Thank you.



Yes, we did get a copy of RLM's API documentation.  However, we never got the chance to talk with RLM.  If we can get our developers on the phone with their developers to review the documentation, I'm sure we can figure out this integration for you.

Funny, sometimes it's hard to get developers on the phone together, but it is truly amazing what 30 minutes will do!  If you can help us set up this meeting, we'd love to talk with RLM to understand their API better so we can get it integrated with Magento for you.  Thank you.