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Authorize.Net Akamai Network Change

July 20, 2015

Authorize.Net announced they will be making a change to how they route traffic to their data centers. Instead of directly connecting to their data centers, all credit card authorizations and fun captures will be routed through a 3rd party service from Akamai. This seems like a very smart move given the breadth, depth, performance and reliability of Akamai's network. 

This upgrade will hopefully help with avoiding the downtime Authorize.Net has experienced over the last couple of years:

Many of these outages were caused by denial of service (DoS) attacks against Authorize.Net by hackers.  Hopefully this move to Akamai will provide resilience against such attacks, while also improving the speed and availability of Authorize.Net's services.

The changes outlined in Authorize.Net's announcement below have already been make to your website if you are running on the HipCommerce platform.  If you are running on any other platform, these change will be made over time as we make improvements to your website (we have until June 2016 to make these changes).

Please submit a Support Request if you have any questions regarding Authorize.Net's network upgrade to Akamai.  Thank you.