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I would like to see a demo of your integration. Would that be possible?


I’m sorry, we don’t have a demo of any our integrations for several reasons:

  1. We don’t own copies of the software for all the different POS and ERP systems.
  2. We currently have 24 different POS systems and 5 different e-commerce platforms, for a total of 120 possible combinations.  Running this many different demo systems is well, a lot.
  3. All the integrations work nearly the same.

If you need a quick overview of how our integration works, please read:

Admittedly, we should have a demo that “simulates” a POS or ERP system.  This would allow us to cut the possible number of combinations down from 120 to just 5 (one for each e-commerce platform).


However, we would be more than happy to jump on a call with you to explain how our integration works.  We understand that sometimes you just need someone to explain it to you instead of reading article after article.  Simply Contact Us and we'll hop on a call with you.  Thank you.