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Email Unsubscribers


We are getting some people responding to our e-mails saying they wish to be taken off our list...

  1. If they hit unsubscribe on the e-mail we send them, are they taken off your list?
  2. If we remove them off our POS customer management, do we still need to send you a fresh e-mail list that no longer has them on it?
  3. And how do we know who has unsubscribed so that we are not resending their e-mails in future e-mail lists??

Please advise asap.



Regarding your questions:

  1. Yes, people who hit Unsubscribe from your mailer and follow the instructions will be unsubscribed from your mailers.
  2. People need to be removed from Store Manager instead of you POS system.  If someone has requested that you remove them from your list, you can do so manually in Store Manager by following these instructions:
  3. You can use the process as explained in the above article to see if an e-mail address is truly Unsubscribed.  Simply go to Marketing > Subscribers and enter the person's e-mail address and hit Find.  The result will let you know if they are Subscribed or Unsubscribed.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thank you.