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Wholesale Pricing (Dynamic Pricing)


If your site has Dynamic Pricing extension installed on your site, you will be able to offer Wholesale Pricing.  There are 2 ways wholesale pricing can be configured:

  • By Customer Group
  • By Product

You must have the User Role Editor extension installed in order to use the Dynamic Pricing extension.

NOTE: This extension does not work in Chrome; please use either IE or Firefox.

By Customer Group

Wholesale pricing can be applied at the user role level.  We recommend you create a user called "Wholesale Shopper" using the User Role Editor.  After creating the user role, go to WooCommerce > Dynamic Pricing.


After clicking Dynamic Pricing, you'll see the Advanced Rules configuration screen.  Each field will need to be configured in order for your wholesale pricing by customer group to work.

  • Admin Title:  This is the name of your rule.  Consider entering the discount value so it's easy to spot at a glance.

  • Quantities Based On: You can select either Cart Total or Category Total from the drop down.  The difference is where the discount is applied, either based on a total set further down in a category or the total in the cart.

  • Applies To:  This is where you set which role receives the discount.  You will see your newly created role of Wholesale Shopper in the list; simply check the box to select it.


  • Date Range: You can set the date range a discount will be valid for here.  If your discount will be a long term discount, consider setting the end date significantly far out.  These dates can be changed or updated at any time.

  • Order Total Pricing: This is where the qualifications or restrictions for a wholesale price is set. You can establish minimum and maximum order totals, the type of discount and what that discount value is. 


  • You can offer multiple discounts, based on various qualifications.  For example, orders under X amount may only be eligible for 20% off, but larger orders may earn larger discounts.  To set up multiple tiers, click the plus sign at the end of the row and enter the criteria.

Select "Add Pricing Group" to save your new pricing group.



 By Product

In addition to offering a bulk, or site wide wholesale pricing option, Dynamic Pricing allows you to control the discount given at the product level. 

  • Navigate to a product, then scroll to the product data/options area.  Click the "Dynamic Pricing" tab.


  • Click "Add Pricing Group."

  • Pricing Group Applies To: Select "Specific Roles," then check "Wholesale Customer."

  • Quantities Based On: You can set the discount to valid on the product quantity, variation quantity, cart line item quantity or quantity purchased in the category.

  • Product Variations:  If you select "variation quantity," the variations for this product will populate here.  You can select "all variations" or "specific variations" and then select the applicable variations.

  • Rule Processing Mode: This should be set to "bulk."

  • Dates:  Set the date range your discount pricing is valid for.

  • Quantity Fields: Set the minimum and maximum quantity ranges as well as the discount amount. 

  • The discount may either be a Price Discount, Percentage Discount, or Fixed Price.
  • Amount: Enter the appropriate amount based on your discount type.
  • As with the Discount by Customer Group, you can establish tiers at the product level; simply click the "plus" sign at the end of the Quantity Fields to add another tier.
  • Click "Adding Pricing Group" when ready!

Save or Update your product!!


Modern Retail recommends placing a test order as a Wholesale Shopper to test your discount rules!