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AS400 IBM I5 WooCommerce Integration


We have a client that we are going to re-build a website for, and they are looking to have their online shopping cart integrate with their POS system. I came across your services on the web and was hoping that we could use them for our client.

I have spoken with someone from the company that handles our clients POS System and found that the software they use is proprietary, but was advised that any API that integrates with AS400 will work. Their platform is an "IBM I5."

Can you help me?



We would love to help you and your client get their POS system integrated with WooCommerce.  If you can dig up the POS system’s documentation around their API that would be most helpful.  It isn’t too hard to connect their API to our API if we have:

  1. Good API Documentation
  2. Assistance

While we’ve been doing integrations for over a decade, a 30 minute conversation with a developer who knows the integration can make a world of difference.

Here’s some additional information about our API if you’re interested:

Our integration includes a great dashboard that gives you a view to what’s going on with the integration.  Most people will look at it for 10 minutes and say “cool” and then quickly forget about the integration, which I guess is exactly what we want!

Let me know what you can find about their API documentation and if we can get a meeting with one of their developers.  Thank you.

Inventory CSV/XML Uploader

FYI, if the API route does not work, don’t worry as we have another option with our Inventory CSV/XML Uploader.  This option is pretty easy and may be even easier with some of your help.  If you can send us an “inventory report” from the system and send it to an FTP site, and then grab an “order report” from the same FTP site and use it to insert orders into the system, we’re there!

This option works just as good as the API method, and you can read more about this approach here: