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Creating Categories in Magento Multi Store


Adding categories in Magento Multi Store is very similar to adding categories in a single store installation, with a few notable differences.  The steps below will take you thru the process.

Information on creating categories can be found here.

  • Log into Magento > Catalog > Manage Categories.
  • The Store View dropdown should be set to All Store Views.

  • Click Add Root Category or Add Subcategory as needed and name the category.
  • Set the Is Active drop down to No.

  • Set the Include in Navigation Menu to No.

  • On the Display Settings tab, set the Is Anchor to either Yes or No as appropriate.
  • Click Save Category.
  • Your new category will be grayed out.

  • Change the Store View to the store the category should be displayed in.
  • When the page refreshes, click on your new category.
  • Uncheck the Use Default Value beside the Is Active field.

  • Change the Is Active drop down to Yes.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the same process for the Include in the Navigation Menu.
  • Save your category.

Now it will display as active within the selected Store View.