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Adding a new section to your site.


We want to add a new section to our main menu and have a new side menu on the new page. How do we do that?



It is fairly easy to do, and you can do it all yourself by following the steps below.

  1. Create a new section in Store Manager.

    Go to Products Set Up Sections and hit the ADD button to add a new section, filling in the section name and the section query. Then click Insert. (The normal format is to capitalize the name but use lowercase for the query, and if it is more than one word, use a hyphen for spaces)

    After you have inserted the new section, just HOVER over the word Edit for the new section and a javascript highlight will appear at the bottom of the page which will have the section ID number (in this case it is 1602). You will need this number for the next step.

  2. Register the new section in WordPress.

    Go to the HipCommerce > General section in WordPress and find the Store sections area. Here you will add the section query and the section ID number. Add a comma and then the query, another comma and then the ID# (no spaces) and then save the changes.

  3. Create a new page in WordPress.

    Go to Pages and click on Add New.

    Enter the name of the new section and click Publish.

    IMPORTANT: Be sure to go back into the page and edit the page URL by adding "sec-" before the section name and then hit OK.

    In the example below, "location" was changed to "sec-location."

    You can then add images or text that you want to appear on that landing page. 

  4. Create new menu.

    This is the menu that will appear on the new page showing the departments you create in that section.

    Go to Appearances > Menus and click on the create a new menu link.

    This will allow you to create a new menu by filling in the menu name and hitting OK

  5. Assign the new menu to the new Section Page.

    Go to HipCommerce > Menu Options in Wordpress. On that page you will find the new section listed with two fields, one for Section and one for Name.

    Use the dropdown to set the section and enter the section name. Then save the changes.


    At this point, you have created the new section and menu so you can now add new departments and assign those to the section in Store Manager. You can then add those new departments to the new menu in WordPress.

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