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eXcelEPOS WooCommerce Integration


We are looking at a potential online shop solution for our tackle and bait sales – we have started with Wordpress and WooCommerce, and were interested to find out about the POS integration. We have a system called eXcelEPOS, which does have an extension available to allow integration with a website for stock/inventory control – so assuming that it was something that would work, I would like to know how much this addon would cost, both upfront and ongoing.

We are a fairly small company, but we have a number of products (the range of fishing products available is unbelievable), so thought this kind of stock management would be the only way to control stock levels accurately enough to run an online shop.


Thank you for your interest in Modern Retail. We would love to help you get WooCommerce integrated with eXcelEPOS.  The following article describes your options around this integration:

I did do a search looking for eXcelEPOS but I was unable to find it (found a lot of stuff about Microsoft Excel but not eXcelEPOS).  Do you have an address of their website?  I would be happy to look to see if they have an API available or some way to import or export data in and out of eXcelEPOS.

I would also be happy to jump on a conference call with your and eXcelEPOS to see would be the easiest way of getting eXcelEPOS integrated with Modern Retail and WooCommerce.

Thank you and please let me know how I can help!