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ABS WooCommerce Integration


I have a woman's clothing store and would like to get my Apparel Business Systems point of sale system integrated with my WooCommerce website. I noticed you have an integration with WooCommerce, but can it be used with ABS POS?



Yes, I think we can help you.  I took a look at the ABS website, and they have something called End-Consumer (B2C) Store Front Bridge which they go on to explain as:

The ABS End-Consumer (B2C) Store Front Bridge is an interface from where you can exchange information with your existing end-consumer (B2C) E-Commerce store or website to the ABS ERP system. If your website has the ability to export and import data, it can be interfaced to ABS.

The last sentence really gives me the sense this is possible because importing and exporting data with a POS systems is what we've been doing for over a decade.

While we have a variety of approaches to connect to ABS, my best guess is a method that uses FTP.  Please read:

Here’s what I would recommend. Please send an e-mail to your ABS representative and let them know you’re interested in getting ABS integrated with WooCommerce.  If you copy me on the request, I’d be happy to jump in and take it from there (keeping you included of course).  We’ll most likely have to get our engineers talking with their engineers to find out what can be done.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you.