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NCR Silver WooCommerce Integration


I'm an ice cream shop owner setting up WooCommerce on our soon-to-be-relaunched web site, and we use NCR Silver for our POS (cloud-based back office, iPad terminals).

At first, we're actually going to be using WooCommerce primarily for services (mobile and on-site event bookings, wholesale, and custom cake orders) that we won't be ringing up at POS at all. But in the future, we may want to have some things that we sell both in store and online (sauces/toppings, T shirts), so it'd be really cool if the e-commerce and POS shared inventory.

And actually, even if we didn't have anything we sold in both places, it'd be cool for the two systems to communicate so our bookkeeper and I could find all our sales reports in one place.

So, I'm just wondering if you have any plans to add NCR Silver to your list of integrations, and if so, what pricing might be like.


Thank you for your interest in Modern Retail.  I love your logo and what you’re doing with your new website.

Ok, the following article will tell you all about your options to integrate NCR Silver with WooCommerce:

I took a look at the NCR Silver website, and I see that it is an iPad-based POS system.  Because it works off an iPad, it most likely has an API (read above post) we could use for our integration with WooCommerce.  I did take a look at the NCR website but could not find them mentioning their API.

Here’s what you can do.  Please send an e-mail to your NCR representative and let them know you’re interested in getting NCR Silver integrated with WooCommerce.  If you copy me on the request, I’d be happy to jump in and take it from there (keeping you included of course).  We’ll most likely have to get our engineers talking with their engineers to find out what can be done.  If they have an API, then it will be a slam dunk.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you.