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B2C + B2B + Content Marketing + POS Integration


I need a new website for my business.  We're a large shoe retailers with 12 different retail locations.  We also have a large B2B business where we sell our work and construction shoes and clothing.  We're passionate about what we do so we blog and write a lot.  Finally, we have an homegrown point of sale system we'd like to connect to our website as well.  Can you tell me which ecommerce platform would be the best to use here?


Thank you for the conversation today.  Hopefully my many "soapboxes" were helpful and gave you a better understanding of how we approach websites and helping our customers.  

In summary I think the following are important for you:

  1. Pick a Platform

    If you’re going to eventually "merge" the B2B website with the B2C website, then I think Magento or WooCommerce would be the betters options here.

  2. Responsive Design

    You must make your website work on tablets and mobile phones.

  3. Content Management System (CMS)

    We like to separate the ecommerce platform (Magento) from the content management system (WordPress).  This gives your website longevity and makes your content "portable" in the future.

  4. Content Marketing / Blogging

    Blogging and writing has become so important over the years (it’s the “new” SEO).

  5. POS Integration

    Yes, we must get your website integrated with your "homegrown" POS system.  We’ve experts here and have been doing it for over a decade.  This is not a problem for us.

  6. Shoppable Website

    The site must be easy to use and have features that enhance the user’s experience.

Here are a few articles you might find interesting regarding the above topics.

Please Contact Us if you need any more help in picking the right ecommerce platform and architecture for your business.  Thank you.