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Singular Logic ERP WooCommerce Integration


We have a client that bought a new ERP from a Greek company called Singular Logic. Its name is Galaxy Enterprise Suite (not 100% sure but I think that's it). He needs to have the ability to connect the product database from his ERP with a Woocommerce Store so as not to have to update both the ERP and the Woocommerce store… Is this possible with your implementation and if not are you capable of making it possible and in what cost?


We would love to work with you and your client to get Singular Logic integrated with WooCommerce.  We have variety of ways to get these two systems integrated but usually use one of the following 2 methods:

Method #1 - Modern Retail's Integration API

Method #2 - Modern Retail's Inventory CSV / XML Uploader

To figure out the cost we’d need to see what method would be better for Singular Logic.  If Singular Logic has an API available then that’s definitely the way to go.  If not, then we can use Method #2 which requires CSV or XML files to be passed back and forth using FTP, which works just as well.

Can you ask you client to contact Singular Logic to let them know they are interested in getting their software integrated with WooCommerce.  If they copy me on the email I’d be happy to take it from there (including you and the client of course).  My goal would be to get on a conference call with Singular Logic to see what they prefer when it comes to integrating with their software (we have more approaches than the ones listed above).

If you prefer having a call beforehand, please let me know and we’ll set a time to talk.  Thank you.