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Acumatica ERP WooCommerce Integration


We are a small non-profit ministry focused on distributing Bible reference materials to pastors and leaders around the world. Although we give away much of the material that we produce, we generate funds to support our ministry from sales in the U.S. market.

We are currently transitioning to Acumatica ERP to manage our inventory, sales orders, and shipping. We use WordPress and WooCommerce for our website. We are currently using another platform as our shopping cart, but are very unhappy with the experience it delivers for both us and for our customers.

We'd like to move to an ecommerce platform that integrates with WooCommerce and syncs inventory and customers with our ERP system. I would like to connect with Modern Retail and explore what options are available to consider.


Thank you for contacting Modern Retail and we would love to help you get WooCommerce integrated with Acumatica.  I took a quick look at the Acumatica website and I have to say I’m impressed, they are one of the first ERP systems I’ve seen that’s “cloud-based”.  They also seem to have a nice program for developers and they have a published API (see attached).  An API is good news for you because it allows us to communicate with Acumatica and your website.

Modern Retail partners with companies like Acumatica to bridge the gap between their products and ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and Bigcommerce.  One thing that works pretty well is for you to email your representative at Acumatica letting them know you’re interested in getting Acumatica integrated with WooCommerce.  If you copy me on the request I’ll take over from there (keeping you included of course).  I’ll then attempt to have a conference call with Acumatica so we can get one of our engineers talking with their engineers to dig into the integration for you.

If you have any questions prior to sending this email please Contact Us and we’ll jump on a call together. Thanks and have a nice weekend.