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ChainDrive WooCommerce Integration


We currently have a Magento website we are switching to WooCommerce because of all the benefits. We use this system called ChainDrive. It does not integrate with anything but we use it as warehouse management, and POS for 92 stores in the US and Puerto Rico. Can you help us connect all stores, warehouse and website together? We are a shoe retailer.


We’d love to work with you to get an integration going between ChainDrive and WooCommerce.  We actually spoke with Chain Drive before but the project never materialized so we didn’t move forward with the integration.

Please email your rep at ChainDrive and let them know you’d like to work with Modern Retail to get ChainDrive integrated with WooCommerce.  We would like to get them involved so someone can help us with the integration if we have questions.  When we talked with them before they gave us their e-Commerce Gateway Import-Export Schema Documentation to get our two systems talking.  However, it would be most helpful if we had a real person to work with at ChainDrive to get this WooCommerce integration going for you.

Please Contact Us after you've talked with ChainDrive and we'll step in and get in contact with them to figure out what it will take to complete this integration.  Thank you.