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E-Commerce Gateway Import / Export Schema

Attached is ChainDrive's implementation guide to integrate their POS system with your website.  This "e-Commerce Gateway Import-Export Schema Documentation" details all interactions between your web store and the ChainDrive back-office, which ChainDrive describes as:

ChainDrive's E-Commerce Gateway is the vital link between the web store and all ChainDrive's back-office. It seamlessly updates the web store with new product information, price changes and item availability.  The gateway connectivity to the centralized database allows for real-time inventory updates as well as all client web purchase details that are tracked and captured in ChainDrive CRM. Therefore using ChainDrive's flexible E-Commerce Gateway requires the setup of multiple information mapping fields to ensure seamless operations.

Information mapping mainly affects the following data: the product information, the order header, the order details and the order payments.

First, proper product mapping will ensure optimal product information is sent to the customer WEB solution. The possibility to swiftly address shopping cart orders and a complete visibility of your inventory at any location giving you the ability to quickly move merchandise when needed are both offered. Order processing is painless and tracking is made simple.