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Do I have Universal Analytics?


I would like to use some of the advanced features in Google Analytics, and I think I have to have Universal Analytics rather than Classic. How can I tell which version I have?



In 3rd/4th quarter of 2014, if you hadn't already made the transition, Google began automatically transferring Analytics properties from Classic to Universal Analytics. Universal Analytics offers enhanced data and ways for you to see how customers are using your site and is now the standard requirement for support for anyone using Google Analytics.

While Google began the process, if you switched from Classic to Universal, there is additional code that needs to be placed on your site. To determine if you need this code, and if you have Universal Analytics, there are two components to look at: Account Property and Tracking Code.

  • Account Property (in Google Analytics)
    1. Login to your Google Analytics Account and go to Admin.
    2. If the property you are looking for is not showing under the Property column, click the drop-down and select the property you want to view.
    3. A Universal Account will have an option called Tracking Info that includes more Admin settings like Session Settings and Organic Search Sources. (Classic Analytics will have an option called Tracking Code but will not have the additional settings.) 


  • Tracking Code

    You can ask Modern Retail to check which tracking code info you have, or you can go to your website, right click on the page and select View page source. Another window (or tab) will open up with your source code. Hit Control F and enter "Google Analytics".

    1. Universal - Tracking Code snippet on your website will include analytics.js.
    2. Classic - If you are using another library, your tracking code might include something like ga.js.

Modern Retail is in the process of making sure everyone has the correct code to fully utilize Universal Analytics but if your site has not been updated yet, please submit a Support Request, and we will take care of it as soon as possible.

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