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Retail Pro v8 WooCommerce Integration


Greetings! We are very interested in your product integrating our Retail Pro POS/Inventory with a new WooCommerce site I am working on. Our Retail Pro is version 8.52. Our current site is: This is on a WP JigoShop platform. I am building a new site on the WP-WooCommerce platform.

Thanks, Look forward to hearing from you.  Mike



Our integration with Retail Pro v8 is what we call a “one-way integration.” Meaning, it will update the inventory and pricing on the website, but it does not send your WooCommerce orders and customer information down to Retail Pro.  We do plan on developing a “two-way integration” with Retail Pro v9, but that development has not started yet.  Here’s an article that describes how our integration works with Retail Pro v8:

Please let me know if that will work for you.  Thanks.