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Setting Up New E-Mail Accounts


Modern Retail believes strongly that every employee at your store should have a "store branded" e-mail account, especially for owners, managers or anyone else who interfaces with vendors and customers.  We try to make it as cost-effective as possible so you can give everyone in your organization their own e-mail account.  This articles describes the information Modern Retail needs to set up a new e-mail account for an employee.

Requesting New Accounts

Modern Retail needs the following information to create a new e-mail account for your employees:

  1. Full Name
  2. E-Mail Address

That's it!  Modern Retail will create the account for you and send you a temporary password for the new account.

E-Mail Administrator

Modern Retail also has the ability to assign one or more e-mail administrators to your store.  These administrators can add and delete e-mail accounts, configure e-mail aliases and reset passwords for your staff when necessary.  For more information, please read:

Please submit a Support Request with the above information when you're ready for Modern Retail to configure a new e-mail account for you.  Thank you.